Relating to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just its parts



I’m Shandora and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

I’m a wife and mother and most of all, a lover of my Creator! I am a southern plant based mama.

I believe, when God created the Earth, everything was thought of. It was perfect. The Earth provided all of our needs. God created a sustainable Earth to sustain his people in so many ways. [Genesis 1: 29-30]

I have a passion for travel and would love to one day live in Europe (even though I’ve yet to go).

I also love to bake and try new recipes. Check out some of my favorite vegan/plant-based recipes HERE!

Writing hasn’t always been my passion. I developed this love over the past few years. I felt God tugging on my heart to start writing. So I did. I started writing my feelings and about my experiences. Overtime, God put it on my heart to start writing devotionals/inspirational messages.

As you read through the devotionals, I hope you find something that brings you closer to God. Don’t read the pages and see me or my words, but read them and know I am just a vessel being used by my Heavenly Father.

The bibles says our bodies are God’s temples. It is our duty to protect our temples. Cherish your temple and promote self holistic health. Care for every part of your temple.

It is my desire that we all learn that God has provided all of our needs and to turn to our Creator for everything. It is my desire to promote holistic healing. To help people not only satisfy their soul, but to satisfy their mind, body, and soul. To introduce a new way of thinking when it comes to spirituality, and to realize our spirituality is connected to everything we do, including what we eat.

I want people to know our Savior cares for us holistically. Our creator doesn’t want us to be unhappy individuals. Our Savior has poured out love holistically over us all, caring about us mind, body and soul.  Goodness, just the thought of knowing God has provided, and is my holistic provider brings me an overwhelming sense of joy!

So take a look around. I hope you find encouragement and develop a closer relationship with your, Heavenly Father, through all aspects of life.

With love,