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The Most Awesomest Diaper Bag, ever!

The Most Awesomest Diaper Bag, ever!

Can we just talk #momlife for a bit.

The struggles of always carrying your stuff, things for your kids and for your husband.

It can get overwhelming carrying a bulky diaper bag that just screams “I’M A MOM!”

Or maybe you’re trying to be cute and carry a purse and a diaper bag. That can be a bit much. Managing kids plus two bags.

I used to have a diaper bag backpack that I thought I loved. Then I noticed my back was always hurting. It was a pretty good sized backpack. I used to carry everything I “thought” I would need.

I would just stuff it. If there was an empty pocket, I’d find something to stuff it.

No pocket left unstuffed was my moto.

I carried around multiple outfits, multiple blankets, burp cloths, meds, creams, you name it!

We also have to factor in all of the mommy stuff.

Moms typically stuff their purses, so let’s also add in all of the junk from my purse that I made fit into this diaper bag.

Then one day, I thought, okay this can’t go on anymore. I was losing things and it was just becoming unorganized.

I decided to start looking for a new bag that was also cute.

I came across the Ryla Pack (RP) && I love it!

This bag is much smaller and cuter than my last diaper diaper bag backpack.

I loved the sleekness of this bag and the fact that it’s called a minimalist bag.

Which means, you guessed it, I can’t stuff everything I think I “might” need.

I love that this bag as a place for everything you need. Being a new mom, I definitely carried more than I thought I needed.

Even if you don’t know what you’ll need, the RP tells you exactly how to use each pouch. It makes sure you don’t overstuff it! There’s even a pouch just for mommy stuff. It’s actually called the “mommy pouch”

On top of being cute and the perfect size, I also love that it’s made with high quality material! This bag is made out of faux leather! Perfect, right!? No, cows were killed for me to get this stylish backpack.

Super cute, stylish and cruelty free. What more can you ask for in a diaper bag?!

This is definitely a must have. I may even keep using it even after I no longer need a diaper bag!


I make a small commission if you purchase your Ryla Pack, using the link below. I will only recommend products that I absolutely love!

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