Relating to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just its parts

Drive by Faith

Drive by Faith

It’s amazing how God can speak to you through any situation.

When you’re just going about your day and BAM there’s a message.

Well, that’s been happening to me a lot lately.

Sometimes the messages are pretty simple, like this one…

Today, I was driving on a back road. There are only 2 lanes and lots of 18-wheelers use this road.

I absolutely hate driving behind 18-wheelers. I hate that I can’t see in front of them. I hate that I have to rely on the driver of the 18-wheeler.

I won’t know when to stop or slow down. I can’t tell if the light has changed. Just so many annoyances come along with being behind one of those big rigs.

Sometimes, I try to veer over to see in front of the truck and on a two lane road, that can be dangerous. There are cars coming the opposite direction, and I could hit one if I veer over too far.

How often do we try to see in front of God?

How often do we try to go around Him?

I began to think to myself, this is literally walk by faith and not by sight.

Or in this case drive by faith and not by sight.

God is before me. I cannot see around Him. I don’t have any control, but I must trust God.

I must trust that He is guiding me and will let me know when to stop, go or slow down.

I must trust God and realize that going around Him can be dangerous.

Just think…how often have we taken situations into our own hands and ended up with unpleasant results.

So, I’m not saying you have to trust every truck driver your behind, but you must certainly trust God, even though you can’t see in front of Him.

With love,


For we walk by faith, not by sight [2 Corinthians 5:7]

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