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Just One Touch

Just One Touch

One night, my baby girl let out a loud screech.

All I did was touch her and she immediately stopped.

Sometimes all it takes is her seeing me, and sometimes she needs me to pick her up and soothe her.

In that moment I thought about God, and what we need from him.

Sometimes we need his comfort

…more like all the time.

Sometimes just hearing Him is enough, but sometimes we need that touch from the Holy Spirit.

That comfort of knowing he’s truly there. Even when we can’t feel Him, we know he’s there, but to feel that touch, to know He’s there, is so comforting.

It’s amazing how just one touch from the Holy Spirit can make everything feel so much better. There’s just something great about His touch and the great love behind it.

…sometimes all we need is to feel loved. God’s love is much stronger than the love you get from another human.

Just like a parent, God knows when we need more of Him. He knows when we just need to feel His touch. I’d love for Him to touch me everyday. I yearn for it.

I seek Him and ask him for His touch daily. I may not feel it every single time, but I take comfort in knowing He is with me. I take comfort in just hearing His voice.

But when I do get a touch, it makes seeking Him daily, worth it. It gives me great joy and peace to get through whatever’s going on.

There’s nothing in this entire world, NOTHING, that compares to how great it feels to be in the presence of the Lord. To feel His touch.

Absolutely nothing compares.

Once you encounter His touch, you can’t be the be same. It’ll be something you’ll want and seek all the time. You’ll want encounters with Him daily.

So I challenge you, if you’ve already felt God’s touch, had an encounter with him, keep seeking more of Him.

If you’ve never felt Him, seek Him! Just spend time alone with Him. Worship Him. Pour yourself out to Him. Ask for His touch.

You will never be the same.

With love,

Long ago the lord said to Israel: “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself [Jeremiah 31:3]

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