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Out of Data

Out of Data

Facbook, Youtube, Instagram, Google.

Searching one thing after the other.

THEN you get that notification saying you are almost out of data, and only then do you become mindful of what you’re searching. Only searching and watching things that are important.

No one knows when God will return or when we’ll breathe our last breath…but what if God sent us notifications?

Wouldn’t that be nice? To get a “good morning” text from God.

To be able to send God a text, and he responds immediately.

And even if it weren’t immediately, we’d sit there and watch those three little dots, as God writes His response.

We’d wait on him if we had “direct” access to him.

We wait on anything or anyone we have direct access to.

So, what if God sent us notifications saying “you’re almost out of time.”

What would you do?

Would you become mindful of your everyday life? Would you be more intentional with your friendships and relationships? Would you be more intentional with your quiet time with God.

Even though we know we’re going to run out data, it’s not real, until we see it for ourselves.

It’s not real until that black screen pops up that lets you know you’re data is coming to an end.

God doesn’t work that way. God wants us to be mindful of him always. God wants us to seek him at all times. God gives us unlimited data.

Seek him all the time. Not just when we’re almost out of time. God doesn’t need to send you notifications because he’s always LIVE in your life!

If we know it’s coming to an end, why do we play aimlessly with our time and data. Why aren’t we cautious from the beginning? Why does it take a “notification” to remind you that you’re doing too much?

There’s no need to wait for the Lord to slap us in face and say get it together when we have unlimited data to praise Him now! To praise Him always. To seek Him always. God is always available. God will never ignore your calls or send you a notification saying He’s too busy for you.

Sometimes God operates like AOL—you have to wait for it, but He’s there!

Wait for God. Seek Him always. Fill your search history with Him. Praise and honor Him, even before you’re “almost out of data.”

With Love,

I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me. [Proverbs 8: 17]

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